Emphasized throughout the three-day Baptist Women’s Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa was this call to, “Arise, Shine!” When? “Now!”

We hear a lot of reasons why women in our region do not involve actively in missions and evangelism which are the lifeline of our churches.  Among these are husbands not giving them the permission to be involved, children and grandchildren to take care of, ailing parents to look after, work and business, visitors, all sorts of problems and on and on. Whether valid reasons or alibis, these are evidences of disobedience to God’s command for us to “Go and make disciples…” And disobedience is a sin.  How long shall we disobey? Let us arise and shine now!

The Day of Prayer is fast approaching. We pray and give our offerings.  These offerings go to projects that women undertake to share the gospel to those in need, and in keeping the BWA-Women’s Department office running.  There was a remarkedly drop in the DOP offerings from Asia.  Let us pray that God will enable us to give more for His work.  Let us arise, and shine in our DOP offerings!

Asian Baptist Women’s Union speaks of unity among women in Asia.  Yet, how can we show unity if we isolate and not communicate?  Let us hear from you of your women’s work and concerns that we may together magnify our God, pray for our concerns and work out ways for solutions. Let us arise and shine as a Union!

Preciosa Caronongan

Preciosa Caronongan

ABWU President

Let us:

Shed-off things that are tying us down, be filled with the
          Holy Spirit so we can
                    Illuminate and influence our corner and beyond,
                              Now, knowing that there is no place where the light of Jesus in us cannot shine and
                                        Evangelizing and encouraging others to do likewise.